Two old forms of technology, advertisers and marketers have been using in the past to target consumers based on their location are based on beacons and geo-fencing.

BUT they were LIMITED in the results that they could produce on there own.

Geo Lazer Targeting

This is a relatively new idea in mobile advertising.

It directs consumers toward a specific business when they are physically in a competitor's location.


How it Works:

Geo Targeting - A geo-targeting technology is used to trigger when a mobile phone enters a designated location.  Once this happens an application that resides on their phone is contacted by us to retrieve the mobile phone’s Advertising ID.

Collecting Advertising ID’s - Each time someone enters the geo-targeted area, we have a technology that can get the Advertising ID from mobile phones.  This includes both iPhones and Android phones.  This is special because Advertising ID’s can only be obtained by having an application installed on their mobile phone.  I have an agreement with 180,000+ applications on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store that allows my company GarWEB to get these Advertising ID’s using their apps.  Apps like Google Maps and other major application are some of these included in this agreement.

Display Advertising – Once they are in this location and are using the Internet, display ad spaces on websites such as Fox News, CNN, Facebook, WebMD or any other of the millions of websites that have display advertising will show your ads immediately on their mobile phones.​​​​​​​

3. Cross Device Retargeting - Advertising ID’s are then collected, tracked, cataloged and sent to a demand side platform where we can then retarget those that were in the geo targeted areas. 

A special process using 3rd party services allows us to know which computers are connected to the home and work computers that they use.  

This is done through processes such as logging into there bank account.  If a person has a banking application on their phone and logs in with their username and password the bank can tell it was from their mobile app.  Later if that same person logs in with their username / password on their home or work computer the bank also knows this and ties the mobile login information with the computer information. 

So this ties the mobile phone with the other computers the user uses.  They then let us use this information to place your ads on their mobile phones, work, and home computers. It's that simple, now we can really reach people for a longer period of time and from many devices.

Basic Retargeting – cookies are placed on iPhone and Android devices to retarget only on their mobile devices. Cross device retargeting is implemented whenever possible.

Normal GEO Targeting is not very effective on mobile devices because it does not usually continue beyond the current browsing session. And is only able to show ads when inside the geo targeted area.

New GEO Technology 

Example of Process.

We target 4 of your nearest competitors and show ads to all the people who go into that competitors business and start tracking them by their mobile phones.

These customers or visitors see your display ads all over the Internet on their mobile phones, home, and work computers.

When these new customers visit your business, they are then detected by their cell phones at your place of business and counted as a “conversion” on our analytic reporting that can be provided to you. 

These new customers are then retargeted on their mobile phones and other computers they use over the next few weeks or months to remind them to come back again and visit you at a future date.

We can also show them ads starting the following day on their mobile phones, home, and work computers. If you want to wait instead of instantly showing ads while they are at your competitors place of business. So they won't think your targeting them based on that business. They would just see ads the after the next day and there-after.

This cutting edge audience targeting technology has changed the landscape of local advertising.

Keep in mind we can also target these new customers by gender, age, marital status, parental status, if they're a homeowner or not, what kind of car they drive, the household income, or better yet, how about their net worth?

Once you have identified who you want to get your message in front of, our online media platform places your digital advertisements on the world's most recognized networks like ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, CNN, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone just to name a fraction of where we serve your ads online.

We are using media platforms like;

My Image

Campaign analytics are an important part in evaluating the performance of an online strategy. We supply transparent reports which provide visibility into the ads, impressions, clicks, and retargeting.

Our detailed reporting allows you to track the ad, clicks and impressions by day, placement, location, and remarketing statistics.

If needed I can create eye-catching dynamic ads and banners that capture your unique brand and message.

And I can also build responsive designed landing pages (for a good mobile experience)

Services Provided

Provide tracking phone numbers (optional)

Online Form integrated into your landing page

Retargeting codes embedded onto landing pages and main website.

Timeframe: 15 - 20 days from beginning the project to serving the Ads.

Custom Ads and Banners for each location: 4 different formats are available for sizes; 160x600, 728x90, 300x250, 160x600            

Monthly Geo Marketing Campaign Management and 1 Retargeting Campaign up to $1,000 per month budget.

$300.00 monthly

Ad Spend - Retargeting This monthly fee will be placed directly into the ad            
networks to pay them to place your Ads & banners. > Based on your ad budget for marketing.

Minimum $350.00 monthly

Campaign analytics retarget reporting for up to 5 locations that we have targeted. 

$400 monthly

Additional locations are charged at: $100.00 monthly

Phone Tracking number for the landing page.

$15.00 monthly

Total Initial Fee: $750.00

Total Monthly Fee: $1,065.00

Ad & Banner Creation Initial setup & Creation of 1 set of 3


Initial Fees

Landing Page Creation Initial setup:


Monthly Fees (minimun 3 months required)​​​​​​​

Limited Opportunity

Targeting Competitor Businesses is limited on availability to only 1.

Even if a business tries to go hire another Ad Agency, they will not be able to target and market the customers from a business location that is being currently targeted.

Why you ask,

Because "we" GarWEB are partnered with the ONLY media firm that has this New Technology and contract with these 180,000 applications linke google maps and hundreds of media platforms like ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, CNN, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone to deliver your ads to local targeted customers.

So all other Ad Agencies that have a partner contract like we do are bound to these guidelines.

This means ONLY 1 business can target and market to a business location.